HECATE by Teemu Salminen

Book Cover: HECATE by Teemu Salminen

HECATE by Teemu Salminen

Hecate is a thrilling sci-fi story set on an alien planet. One of the leaders of an isolated colony needs to make difficult decisions about their future as the powerful Sol Empire approaches them...


'The Sol Empire will never be able to take our colony', the First Founder said. 'If they try, we can simply repel them with 'it'.'

I could hardly believe his arrogance. Would this fool lead us to our deaths?

'If we start a war, we will surely be destroyed', I argued. 'Wouldn't it be better to aim for a favorable peace treaty while we still have something to negotiate with?'

The First Founder looked at me with a condemning expression.

'If you pursue this issue, Faron, I'll ask for you to be removed from the council. We will never submit to the Empire's rule.'