90 Years of Football-Almanac by Juan Llambe

Book Cover: 90 Years of Football-Almanac by Juan Llambe

90 Years of Football-Almanac by Juan Llambes

90 Years of Football-Almanac Is a compilation of professional football teams origins from all leagues formed in the US since 1920. Put in chronological order and in an almanac form, it provides a brief description of teams ownership and cities at the time of formation in the year they enter a professional league.

The introduction provides the reader with a chronological summary by decade that describes the progress that professional football has made in since the formation of the first league APFA which became the NFL of today.

The leagues section details the who’s who of owners that established the leagues and teams and how and why they came about.

You can follow all the teams changes in names and locations and which teams are still playing today in the PREVIOUS NAMES AND CITIES OF CURRENT TEAMS section.

Follow the origin and demise of all but two of the original 14 teams to be considered in the first year of the APFA/NFL in 1920, only two teams remain today, do you know who they are?

See all the championship matchups, not only of teams but together with their respective coaches and quarterbacks. See all the teams with three or more consecutive appearances in a championship game and what are the only two teams to have that distinction in the Super Bowl era (1966 to present). What team appeared in 10 consecutive championship games?

The Seasons section is created to allow the reader to not only see the stats for the year of a given team but to also have the names of the coaches and quarterbacks for that year. With this you can appreciate and see how coaches and quarterbacks move from team to team or remain with a given team year after year. You can also see how and when teams move from city to city or change ownership and names.

Learn who are the for oldest teams still playing the game today. How they changed names ownership and locations. Who are they today.

Learn the notable events that have happened like the creation of the fourth AFL league in 1960 and then the merger with the NFL 10 years later. How the NFL addresses disparity in the number of teams merged from the AFL, which teams change leagues and what are the leagues changed in to. How many leagues start and end after the 1970 merger of the NFL and AFL. Who starts what team and where. What coaches and quarterbacks play for these teams and then make a name for themselves in the NFL.

The Almanac format allows the reader to visualize from year to year the changes in team names, cities, coaches and quarterbacks. Also to look at teams when they were strong in a certain time frame and with which coach and quarterback at the helm.