Candy Around the World by Stacy Cacciatore

Book Cover: Candy Around the World by Stacy Cacciatore
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Candy Around the World by Stacy Cacciatore

Candy is an important part of history, culture and traditions around the world. From the Plum Crack Seed candy in China to Dulce de Leche from Mexico, the candies from around the world are as diverse as their culture. Did you know that children in Italy receive chocolate eggs filled with toys on Easter? Or that in Mexico they celebrate El Dia de los Muertos instead of Halloween? Candy Around the World takes the reader on an exciting confectionary tour around the world. Each chapter focuses on a specific region and provides an exciting look into the history and origin of their sweet treat. Designed for children and parents to read, explore, cook and learn together, Candy Around the World is filled with recipes, games, activities and fun facts to make learning about history and cultures around the world fun. This book is sure to be a delight for the entire family.