Feather of Hawk – Rebellion by Dave Michael

historical fiction
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Gripping historical fiction

‘Feather of Hawk – Rebellion’, is the story of an ordinary man whose love for family and tribe drives him on a ruthless quest for revenge. Calach sips from the poisonous cup of hatred, but will this make him no better than the vile beast of Rome? Or will the Feather of Hawk, a mysterious gift from a young warrior woman, offer a new way forward in a world where blood and tears are sacrificed on the altar of war?

A devastating winter invasion destroys everything Calach loves and drives the warrior on a course of bloody revenge. Calach has to face a professional Roman army with only a band of refugees to back him up. The Celts have the heart to fight, but hearts do not win wars — weapons of iron, shields of bronze, spear warriors, sword warriors and skilled riders with chariots win wars. With a miracle in the form of returning warriors, Calach leads a brutal insurrection that culminates in an epic battle against the hated invaders. His cunning, intelligence and valour are a match to General Agricola, the Roman Governor of Britain, who soon realizes that Calach is no ordinary foe.