The History of NBA Basketball for Kids by William Lawson

NBA basketball for kids

There are few places more exciting than the basketball court... Yet few kids realize just how exciting the whole story of the game really is.

210.2 million people follow the NBA league across its various social media platforms, making it the most popular sports league in the world.

So why is it that no one really understands its history?

If your kids aspire to be the next LeBron James, they’re already hungry for basketball knowledge… and a deeper understanding of the rich and colorful history of the sport is only going to improve their practice and deepen their love of the game.

Even for kids who don’t play but love nothing more than watching the New York Knickswork their magic on the court, all their favorite heroes will come to life when they get to know a little more about the inspirational stories that happen outside of the spotlight.

If you’ve ever watched your child dribble the ball across the driveway narrating their all-star play with a creative commentary, or heard your teen raving about the last Bullsgame, you know they’ve got basketball fever… and this one’s a fever that deserves to be fed!

The NBA was founded in 1946, and there have been many dramatic twists and turns to get it to where it is today.

For kids who look up to the likes of Kevin Durant and Zion Williamson, understanding a little more about the history of basketball is a game-changer.

Watch their passion soar and their determination fly when they hear the inspirational stories behind the NBA’s forgotten history.

History of NBA Basketball That Nobody Talks About for Kidsdelves right inside that history, uncovering all the most inspirational gold. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The question you didn’t know you needed to ask, answered – what exactly is NBA basketball?
  • How basketball has evolved from its humble beginnings (the full story from 1891 to the present day)
  • A closer look at 15 of the best basketball players in the history of the game – as identified by the NBA
  • The greatest basketball player nicknames of all time (no kid will be able to resist coming up with their own contender!)
  • Fascinating forgotten facts from the depths of NBA history (dinner table conversation is about to get super interesting!)
  • The inspirational rags-to-riches stories from key figures like LeBron James
  • 8 of the greatest underdog moments in NBA history (nothing inspires a kid like an underdog story!)
  • Eye-catching cartoon illustrations to bring the stories to life and spark your child’s imagination

And much more.

The basketball court has been exciting kids all over the world for years… Yet few know just how colorful its history really is.

Do your kid a favor: Give them the tools they need to explore the players and stories that make the game what it is today… And who knows? Maybe you’ll have the next big star of the NBA on your hands!