Holy Smoke: Trapped by Hellfire by Russell Brandon

Holy smoke

There’s no better place to relax than a peaceful national park, right?

Except when a prolonged drought desiccates the forests of Yellowstone and lightning ignites all that dry wood. Then the park service is up against the largest natural forest fire in their history…

and the day before the forest fires began burning down the park, Sal, Cornelius and Pioneer camp in the woods overnight, and Ranger Vicky hikes to the backcountry with her dog, for the final set of dissertation data.

Surrounded by enough nature to enlighten and inspire the dead, what better circumstances could they hope for?

America’s beloved icon goes up in flames.

Superintendent Duka begins an all-out campaign to stop the park from burning to ash. He sends Ranger Keezheekoni to build a risky firebreak, smokejumpers to save valuable timber and tries to protect a remote park service cabin. These heroes find they are up against unpredictable life-threatening obstacles.

Sal, Cornelius, Pioneer and Vicky are lost, desperately looking for a way out and the second chance at life. First, they must escape from hell.

No one can look away from a car wreck, and you will not want to put this disaster down.

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