I Want My Periods Back! by Shelley Stevens

My journey through a Hysterectomy, HRT and Surgical Menopause

I want my periods back by Shelley Stevens

I want my periods back is the story of my journey through a hysterectomy, HRT and surgical menopause.

I decided to write it as I was fed up of reading all the self-help guides, which I found didn’t help at all. I have been constantly searching for answers only to finally realise, there aren’t any, every woman is unique, so is her experience of this.

I know that a lot of women have had it a lot tougher than me. In some ways I am very lucky, but I still hated it.

I thought I was alone, that no one really understood what I was going through. When looking to find other people’s perception all I found were handy hints and tips… was I the only person who looked at their husband and wanted to stab him for no reason at all?

Maybe you will relate? Maybe you won’t. My only hope is that if one person reads this and feels at the end of it that at least someone understands how crap a hot flush really is then I have achieved what I set out to do.

In my opinion the menopause sucks. These are my reasons why!