Hunger For More in Life by JD Tremblay

Hunger for more by JD Tremblay

Do you need help finding clarity in reaching your goals and discovering purpose in life?

Are you hungry for more and still can’t decipher how to get to the next level?

This endless search without answers had me thinking depressingly for years.

“If your goals are not scaring you, set the bar higher." – JD Tremblay.

I have never resonated with a quote that captures my life’s motto so accurately. Consequently, I had to perform exceedingly above the average norm to reach the point where my purpose began to invigorate my hunger for more.

Fear can be an intense stimulus to energize your hunger or can cripple you. Despite countless undesired setbacks, I have always strived for extra.

Who will be your guide as you navigate toward a solution to these vital decisions?

I am JD Tremblay, a finisher of some of the world's most extreme triathlons, including the Epicdeca. Here to share with you that it’s acceptable to have lofty ambitions if you put the effort in the right direction. Setting high objectives should daunt you. However, they should also provide a driving force to achieve whatever you prearranged for yourself. In this book, you will find how I overcame some of my challenges to be one of only three athletes worldwide to complete the Epicdeca, and most importantly, how you can flip my experiences into fuel for your journey.

I put my body and mind beyond demanding adversities to eventually triumph over them and be able to impart this wisdom through this concise manuscript. No worries! I learned that personal struggles come and go; the key is to yearn for knowledge and growth.

Join me on this voyage and explore how you can cultivate a hunger for success that may bring about amazing transformations in your life.