Discounted until July 31

Book Cover: Discounted until July 31

The Idiots' Club: A heart warming,  laugh-out-loud novel by Tony Moyle

Four middle aged losers. Five dares. £10 million.

The last time Eric Gideon saw Sean Heschmeyer was the day of the accident. The day Eric’s dare landed Sean in hospital. The day The Idiots’ Club ceased to be. Now, twenty years later, Sean’s back, but he’s nothing like they remember him. After growing his family’s business into a corporate behemoth, he’s amassed a huge personal fortune. He has everything money can buy. But money can’t buy everything…

When former Idiots’ Club member, and serial bankruptee Callum Jollie receives a surprise invite to a Heschmeyer Industries VIP event, he tries to persuade Sean to support his failing business. Sean agrees, but his money comes with conditions. He’ll invest ten million pounds but only if Callum convinces the other three members of The Idiots Club to complete five dares in seven days. Not just any old dares, either. Ones that Sean has purposely devised to ruin them. Oh, and they'll have to livestream them for good measure.

Standing between the boys and the money are a narcoleptic ex-girlfriend, five disgruntled black-ops mercenaries, a World War Two bomb and a family of hat loving night monkeys, but none of these will be the hardest obstacles to overcome. They must face up to their own personal failings and work as a team. Which, as it turns out, is a lot harder than stealing a lion.

The Idiots’ Club is the heart warming, ridiculous and laugh-out-loud novel from the author of ‘The End of the World is Nigh’. If you loved Caimh McDonnell’s ‘The Final Game’, Nick Spalding, Nick Hornby, and the film ‘Tag’ then this is for you.

Read The Idiots’ Club today. Go on…I dare you!