The Immortal Huntress by K. Hall, L. Starkey & M. Anderle

A Urban Fantasy Action Adventure

The Immortal Huntress : Urban Fantasy Action Adventure by Kelly Hall, Laurie Starkey and Michael Anderle

There has been unrest since the beginning of time.

And there should be. 

Demons, Vampires, Wolves and Mages roam the earth.

Commissioned thousands of years before, Rebekah, the Immortal Huntress was charged with maintaining peace and ridding the world of unholy beings.

But she’s weary and her views have changed over the years. 

With retirement finally in her grasp, she is ready to settle down into her antiquated castle in Ireland.

But will life finally play fair?

A murder has taken place - it’s unexplainable and unordinary. Something about it reeks of dark magic and foul play from the wolf shifters who have known too much freedom.

Can she gather a group of young hunters to unravel a mystery in time? A mystery that promises to swallow them all if she and her young team are not careful.

One misstep could change everything.

But that is the way it has always been.

Will Rebekah pull a young and ignorant group together to solve the mystery, or will she fail in her final assignment, taking the world with her?  Read now and find out!