Inventing Ways by Peter Doran

Exotic Physics, The Resilience of the Human Spirit and the American Tradition

Inventing ways by Peter Doran

Tom Miller is a disgruntled Los Angeles engineer with an abusive wife and distant children. Stuck in a rut, he escapes into his garage most evenings, toiling away on a top-secret 'clean energy' project.

When he accidentally invents a levitation engine instead, Tom has no idea of the trouble and adventure it will bring him, including Federal incarceration, employment with NASA, becoming a famous astronaut and beyond.

Tom's invention ushers in grand advances and bold new perspectives on the universe for the human race, but in this rapidly-changing world, can Tom mend his broken family?

Inventing Ways is a celebration of exotic physics, the resilience of the human spirit and the American tradition of good old grass-roots innovation.