Instant Authority by Drew Laughlin

Instant authority

Allowing You to Eliminate Competition and Command High Prices

There’s a little-known strategy that smart coaches, consultants, professional service providers and other entrepreneurs are using to position themselves as the obvious go-to expert in their marketplace.

The ever-increasing gap between running a successful, growing business and a failing one comes down to this one harsh truth: If you aren’t the one standing out and being noticed chances are you look just like all your competitors. You are not unique. There is no reason for people to work with you over others.

This is a death sentence to most businesses. But there’s a better way.

In this industry changing book, bestselling author Drew Laughlin shows you how to become an Instant Authority in your marketplace allowing you to be seen as the go-to expert separating yourself for the competition while at the same time charging higher prices.

To succeed in today’s changing world, you have to do something that your competition isn’t willing to do. You need to stand out, be noticed and provide value to the people most interested in your product or service.

The good news you can do all this in as little as six-weeks. Instant Authority shows you how.