Intrigued by Z. L. Arkadie

(The Dark Billionaire Jasper Christmas Trilogy Book 1)

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Get into Intrigued, book one of the unputdownable The Dark Billionaire Jasper Christmas Trilogy. Once you start you won't want to stop!

Jasper Christmas was a beautiful but dark angel. Danger dripped from his pores. I should've resisted him, but I couldn't.

I thought I would end the holiday season as I had every year, alone in bed, binge-watching my favorite TV shows while working on my next article. That was until I received a call from an old friend, who made me a proposition I couldn’t afford to refuse.

So this year, I was spending Christmas with the insanely rich Christmases. When I arrived at the famous mansion, Bryn, the one who invited me, was nowhere to be found. It was her older brother, Jasper who welcomed me with un-opened arms.

Jasper Christmas was a beautiful but dark angel. He was an intense, brooding man with a tortured soul. Danger dripped from his pores.

So soon Bryn’s proposition would put me at odds with this mysterious and alluring creature, who guarded their family's secrets with his flaming sword. Sources warned me to stay away from him, but the more I tried, the more impossible he made it. Now, I'm worried our encounters will make me betray the reason I was invited to the great Christmas family estate in the first place. Or, was that his intention all along?