The Invisible Man In The Mirror by Rod Cole

The invisible man in the mirror

Our souls crave to be seen by others and yet often we ignore ourselves. We will do almost anything to be seen, and we hurt so much when others don't acknowledge us or see us. We know instinctively that we can hurt each other deeply by excluding you or letting you know that we don’t value you. This method of exclusion or disapproval can be a powerful way to control another human being into submission. If you can convince another human being that they are not worthy or worthless, then you will own that person. This one act can if you are the recipient of such treatment destroy you and your world if you allow it and believe it. It doesn't have to be this way for you. I want you to value and to see yourself in that mirror. And I want you to see and value not only yourself, but I want you to acknowledge and see others as valuable as well.