The Invisible Reich by Kenneth Allan Pazder

The invisible reich
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WELCOME TO THE WAR ON ANIMALS! THIRTY MILLION OF THEM WERE KILLED TODAY! Despite these staggering numbers, this war remains largely Invisible! It takes place on factory farms, slaughterhouses and medical experimentation facilities -not exactly frontpage news. That is until it lands on the radar of Special Forces soldier, Kenneth Joseph Ares Pearce. Applying his own brand of "shock and awe" military strikes on the opening ceremonies of the annual grizzly bear hunt in the vast Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, the biggest mink farm in Colorado and an ancient medical experimentation facility at George Regents University in Atlanta, Georgia, Pearce and his crew quickly rise to Public Enemy #1 on the FBI's most-wanted list. Read the story of one man's quixotic campaign to save the millions of lives of animals who live and die every day at the whim of the Master Species!