JACKED UP by Mark R Morris Jr

Book Cover: JACKED UP by Mark R Morris Jr

Being the protector of the Origin Dime is exhausting!

Jack Kelly recently found out that he has super powers, or at least, he can do things that normal humans cannot, like hop between multiple parallel dimensions from the same location, and rewrite his current circumstances with his imagination. In short, Jack is an Aedapt, and he may be the last one existing in the Original Dimension, the one single universe from which all others diverge.

So, what else would he do when his universe is threatened, but jump in a white, trans-dimensional, Volkswagen Rabbit and ride to the rescue with a hot Aedapt girl named Madison? But, when Jack’s newfound powers aren’t enough to stop nosher terrorists from capturing the girl and seizing his interdimensional transport, Jack is set on a race against a clock that is literally seared into his subconscious to save the girl by delivering a weapon that may mean the end of existence as we know it.

Can Jack survive a romp through a maximum security nosher prison, fight off a full scale invasion of a Vegas casino and learn to manage his Aedapt abilities in time to save the girl and prevent a cataclysm of multiversal proportions, or will he take the easy way out and sacrifice the Origin Dime for a chance at love?