Jesus, Superpowers, and the Bully by T.M. Barton

Jesus superpowers and the bully

For ages 8-12 (or younger if read with parents)

What if you were transported into the throne room and met with Jesus every time you prayed? What if you received superpowers at the same time?

A new kid in Troy’s 5th grade class bullies him at every turn. Troy doesn’t know what to do. It wasn’t his fault, after all, that he was born with only part of an arm. If that weren’t enough, he’s struggling in math and forced to work with the bully to improve.

When Troy prays, asking Jesus into his heart, he is taken directly to the throne room of God and receives superpowers. Jesus says he can’t use his superpowers on people, so how is he supposed to handle the bully in class? How does he handle the demons that start appearing after Jesus gives him special glasses?

Get ready for an exciting ride as Troy discovers superpowers, miracles, angels, and the love of God while learning who he is in Christ and maneuvering the challenges with the bully at school.