AN OBSESSION OF A WIDOW by Joshua Henshall

An obsession of a widow

One morning, a recovered alcoholic widow and single mother Sarah Renshaw, wakes up to hear her five-year-old son declare he was once a girl from a past life. But is there something here to be understood? Or, is there something more sinister to explain this ordeal?

Sarah’s life attracts more complications when her husband’s best friend (David Norcross) returns to the city for the first time in four years. Despite not being able to prove it, he is the man who she accuses of killing her husband.

During her quest to unravel her son’s reincarnation story, Sarah gives in to David’s recurrent attempts to explain his behaviour before he ran out of town. Are his explanations legitimate? Or, has she fallen for the obsessive man she formerly thought he was?

Follow Sarah’s gauntlet of hassle and turmoil as she becomes a victim of deceit & betrayal.

Who can she trust around her?