The Journey And Destiny Of A Christian by T. Matamis

100 Biblical topics for your walk with the Lord

the journey and destiny

This book, The Journey and Destiny of a Christian, presents 100 important Biblical topics for encouraging, comforting, teaching, inspiring, challenging, evangelizing, and helping in your walk with the Lord.

These basic biblical truths are presented with practical ways in short messages to edify and disciple new believers in Christ and to challenge other Christians to go forward to greater Christ-likeness and spiritual maturity.

All these messages are doctrinally sound and can be a great source of help to everyone Christian and others alike. You will find them useful for personal study, devotional thoughts, small group Bible studies, and Sunday school lessons. They can also serve as an aid in the Christian school, home school teaching, and family devotions. It can make even a great gift to anyone you love and have a concern about his soul and growth in Christ.

The author is a Greek educator, of the original New Testament language. He has the knowledge, ability, experience, and talent to write and present great biblical truths, with the help of the Holy Spirit, in very practical and simple ways that even a small child can understand. He is a servant of the Lord, and for 50 years he has served in many Christian ministries, churches, a radio program and since 1996, the Lord entrusted him to serve as founder and editor of the free international email ministry "A SPIRITUAL NOTE FROM THE BIBLE" which has been described by many as "THE BEST EMAIL MINISTRY IN THE WORLD."

The Lord used him all His Christian life to glorify the Lord by helping and encouraging Christians and helping others by winning their souls for God's kingdom. God has done many miraculous things in his life, and he shares some of them in his "testimonies" sections.

The Journey and Destiny of a Christian forwarded by Dr.James R. Hines and recommended by many Christian leaders, pastors, theologians, missionaries, teachers, and others. This book will encourage your heart and bless your soul.

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