Just Lead!!! by Terry Spain

Just lead

Many desire to be a leader, whether it’s in the home, on the job, or in the community. Leadership—great leadership—is an issue that is paramount to our ability to thrive in a world that is constantly changing. Teams win and lose. Companies succeed and fail. For this reason, leadership is a necessary aptitude.

Leadership means that you have the self-confidence to believe you can make a difference and the courage to risk it all because you believe it matters. Leaders should not be defined by popularity, but by their willingness to take risks, their ability to share credit, their strength to admit errors, and their willingness to pick themselves up and keep going.

But just where do you learn how to be a leader or a better leader than you are today? What are the traits that some have that makes others trust in them and their ability to lead? How does a leader powerfully communicate the vision to those he or she leads?

In Just Lead, Terry Spain masterfully answers these questions and more as he reflects on the lessons learned during his more than twenty-one-year career in the United States Navy and as Chief Petty Officer. Get ready to be challenged and learn what it means to be a great leader.