Kaleidoscope Eyes by Alice Strathern

Kaleidoscope eyes

A thought-provoking read on the struggles to choose a professional career, the hassles of dealing with toxic bosses and work environments, and the highs and lows of becoming an adult in a competitive world.

In this two-part story, young Karenth Robinson begins her journey by making a life-changing decision that defies her family’s expectations: choosing the advertising industry as her professional path.

She is determined to shine as an ad woman and feels on top of the world when she lands her first role as a copywriter. However, as she gains experience and moves from one job to another, she finds herself trapped in routines and conflicts that make her question if she’s following her true calling.

Each page-turning chapter examines Karenth’s inevitable life transitions, which radically reshape the way she views the world. Will she be able to handle a new reality?