Keto Diet for Women Over 50 by Abigail White

keto diet

The Ultimate Guide to Understand Your Nutritional Needs as a Senior Women, With More than 80 Recipes

Lose Weight, and Look and Feel Younger with This Guide on the Keto Diet for Women Over 50!

Are you a woman over 50, trying to lose weight and get in shape?

Are you often tired, cranky and lethargic?

Have you noticed that getting back in shape is much harder now than it was when you were in your twenties?

As we age, our metabolism slows down and losing weight becomes much harder. Once you get to a certain age, heavy exercise is also out of the picture.

So what’s one to do then? Turn to Keto! This diet has taken the world by storm and is still going strong, with millions of followers all over the world. It’s an amazing weight loss tool, but the real power of Keto lies in its numerous health benefits.

There are many online testimonies of people using Keto to successfully treat high blood pressure, diabetes, and even some autoimmune diseases. But Keto is also known to help rejuvenate skin, and raise energy levels.

Say goodbye to counting calories, exercising extensively and feeling hungry and miserable. This book will show you that it’s possible to be over 50, look amazing and be a bundle of energy!

Here’s what you get with this book:

  • A complete guide on Keto diet – benefits, rules, and reasons why it works
  • Adapted Keto food list for women over 50
  • Nutritious breakfast recipes
  • Delicious and simple lunch ideas
  • Healthy dinner recipes
  • A seven-day meal plan to get you through that first week
  • Snacks, desserts and sauces recipes
  • And much more!

It’s possible to look and feel good in your senior years. There’s no need to miss out on certain life’s pleasantries, just because you’ve reached 50. Try out the Keto lifestyle and join millions of women who have discovered you can look and feel younger naturally!