THE KEY by Kathryn Wise

THE KEY (Clairvoyant Serial Book 1) by Kathryn Wise

He who controls social media controls the world.

A sinister force seeks to do just that, and nothing is going to stand in the way. All it needs is one final piece of the puzzle.

When a disruptive pattern of social media outages escalates, bad ass data forensics specialist Rachel Vaughn is called upon for her expertise, setting her on the hunt for an algorithmic key with the power to take down the entire global infrastructure.

Guided by an otherworldly group of four, Rachel has been entrusted with the missing puzzle piece, and the bad guys know it. With Special Ops agent Grayson Blaine by her side she survives her first day on the job, outmaneuvering the enemy in what may prove to be her most dangerous assignment ever.

Will Rachel find the key before the entire social media infrastructure is hijacked? And as the outages continue, can the world function without its social media fix, or is it too late?

For fans of eclectic page-turning thrillers, The Key is the first book in the brilliantly clever Clairvoyant Serial by Kathryn Wise. Grab it today.