The Killing Line by John Dean

The killing line by John Dean
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A schoolgirl is found dead from a drugs overdose. The second in a few weeks. DCI Jack Harris suspects there is more to the tragedy.

The small Pennine town of Levton Bridge is up in arms. The locals are campaigning for a young offender centre to be closed down. The death of the girls fuels their anger.

Following the second death, a murder investigation gets underway. School friends of the victim are interviewed but keep shtum.

Soon the inquiry centres on Lee Smedley, a young tearaway known to the police for robbery and drugs dealing. But he is fleet of foot and not so easy to pin down.

With the townsfolk putting increasing pressure on the authorities, DCI Jack Harris must get results. Can he collar the right person for the crime?

This is the seventh book in a series of murder mysteries by John Dean. It can be enjoyed entirely on its own.

The full list of books is as follows:

1. Dead Hill
2. The Vixen’s Scream
3. To Die Alone
4. To Honour the Dead
5. Thou Shalt Kill
6. Error of Judgement
7. The Killing Line
8. Kill Shot
9. Last Man Alive
10. The Girl in the Meadow

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