Book Cover: LONGSHOT IN MISSOURI by Keith R. Baker

Rob Finn is a man of unusual qualities: the nickname Longshot reflects his uncanny skill with a precision rifle, as well as his ability to succeed in nearly impossible missions of spying and assassination. He possesses sense of duty, personal resolve and physical strength beyond that of most other men. When a tragedy strikes close to home, he must dig deep to find the emotional strength to continue.

Rob's special orders often come from Abraham Lincoln, thru his spymaster Allan Pinkerton. A growing problem for Rob arises as he becomes increasingly aware of the duplicity in government. As a man of duty, he must follow orders. As a man of conscience and honor, he must determine what is true and what course he must follow.

In LONGSHOT IN MISSOURI, our hero interacts with actual historical figures; actual events are intertwined with the daily lives and conversations of people living in those rapidly changing and dangerous times. Join with Rob as he works to save those things he believes to be of utmost importance, while struggling to sort out those very beliefs-the true from the false-in the baffling environment that is the US Civil war in 1862.