Blood Lust: Serial Killer Thriller by Catherine Sharp

Blood Lust by Catherine Sharp

A Mystery and Suspense Novel

There is a serial killer running rampant on the streets of Los Angeles, torturing and killing young women on a whim. Nick Ryan, former Navy Seal, is tasked with finding this madman before another woman loses her life. In the hunt for this elusive killer, he crosses paths with flight attendant, Claire Hunt. Their growing attraction leads to a white hot romance, just as it’s discovered that Claire may be involved with the murderer. Nick and his fellow detectives have one sick lead to follow when the killer seems to leave no other clues, and this clue leads directly back to Claire. Nick wonders if Claire is playing a much bigger role in this macabre play than anyone would ever have guessed. Follow these lovers down the rabbit hole to discover the murderer and who else may be involved in this lunacy.
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