Leadership For The New Female Manager by Karina G. Sanchez

Leadership for the new female manager

The new Female Managers encyclopedia -- how to lead like a pro and spin teamwork into value, even with little experience.

Congratulations! You are now a manager!

These words are music to our ears, but they can send chills down the spine of new millennial managers. How will you get everyone to respect and trust your decisions? Is it possible to successfully lead a team with much older and experienced peers than you are? Can you be assertive and draw the line between being friends with your team members and leading them as you should?

Between these concerns and battling imposter syndrome as a young female manager, millennials are often left feeling like they have been thrown into the fire pit. With these young leaders outnumbering other generations at work and many older employees turning to retirement, it is no wonder why there are so many millennial managers in the workplace today.

And if you have been newly appointed to a managerial position with a few years of experience under your belt, you may struggle to get used to your peers calling you "boss".

You may also feel like you lack enough experience to manage the organization and the employees while meeting expectations. However, you should not be afraid to embrace leadership roles. You earned every right to excel, and your boss must have noticed something exceptional in you, so do not downplay yourself.

You are not inadequate. And yes, you are the perfect choice for this position!

All you need is to figure out how to lead your team -- and you will be beating the quarterly targets before you know it.

In Leadership For The New Female Manager, you will discover:

  • How to overcome imposter syndrome and feel comfortable leading people, even if you do not have as much experience as everyone else.
  • How to evaluate your natural strengths, talents, and attributes, then use them to boost your influence in the workplace.
  • A deep understanding of the human side of leadership that you will not find anywhere else to help you grow your leadership skills.
  • How to draw information out of people in a gentle, authentic way and use the feedback to progress within your organization.
  • A coaching and mentorship guide to help you interact more with your team members and reduce employee turnover.
  • How to keep your emotions in check and prevent them from clouding your leadership decisions.
  • How to manage conflicts and help your team members collaborate like pros.
  • How to present like you were born standing in front of a podium, using the right words when addressing your peers.

And much more!

If you feel inadequate for a leadership role, there is no better way to prepare than to learn as much as you can about leadership now.

Leading a team early in your career is an excellent opportunity to excel significantly in your field. Simon Sinek once said, "A boss has a title. A leader has the people." In this book, you will learn how to be a leader of the people.

Written with new female leaders in mind, this guide contains all the tools, hacks, advice, templates, and questions to give you the confidence and knowledge boost you have been looking for.