Legacy Of Ashes by Ric Beard and T. K. King

Legacy Of Ashes (Earth's Ashes Trilogy Book 1) by Ric Beard and T. K. King
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The old world is long dead.

Most of humanity was wiped out during the Resource Wars, either from starvation, disease, or war. Two American cities have risen from the ashes and struggled for a century to survive.

O.K. City is a dystopian blemish, but at least it has walls. Triangle City is a modern marvel, but the government is corrupt. Everything in between is a redneck hell, filled with crazy raiders armed to the teeth.

As Jenna Clark and her crew toil on Old Interstate 40 to remove the old world wreckages that block two cities from joining, Sean Stone risks his life to deliver a weaponized vehicle to Triangle that could turn the tide against a million-man horde in the West. Meanwhile, Lexi Shaw has infiltrated Triangle City to unseat a crooked mayor and pave the way for civilization's return.

A unique look at the post-apocalyptic genre, Legacy of Ashes is a new stride in speculative fiction for nerds like you.