I am Leonard: And Other Stories by Jason R. Richter

I am Leonard
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The last cubicle worker on earth is not alone...

Jonas Leonard may well be the only 9-5 employee left in the now fully automated society that turned every man, woman, and child into overly chipper, pierced, and dreadlocked creators determined to make him an artsy member of society.

By day he authorizes art grants in a cubicle with W.A.L.T., the artificially intelligent mainframe computer, to keep him company. But all the while, the painters, the sculptors, the performance artists watch his every move in the coffee shops and on the streets, waiting for him to say something inappropriate about their art...

Jason R. Richter writes humorous dystopian adventures with a touch of real-world cynicism.

"I am Leonard is several of my favorite dystopian nightmares rolled into one, narrated by the heroic love child of Scrooge and the Grinch.”
Leod Fitz, author of The Corpse-Eater Saga

“Sorry, Will Smith. Richter penned the perfect homage to Matheson’s I am Legend. "
Brian Kaufman, author of Dead Beyond the Fence

Praise for L.I.F.E. in the 23rd Century
"Satire is a dying art in the USA, so consider this novel an endangered species. If Monty Python adopted a chimp and read it 1984 as a bedtime story, this is what it would dream."
Aaron Spriggs, author of The Strange and Savage Life of a Brasskey Journalist