Liam and Ellie by Brittany Osmers

Liam and ellie by Brittany Osmers
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Welcome to the Winter Wonderland adventure of Liam and Ellie: A Brother’s Quest to Find his Sister

This is a story filled with love, adventure, and the beautyof discovering our unique abilities

Liam and Ellie are brother and sister, but they are not friends! After, all Liam is bigger, faster, and stronger. How could Ellie keep up? But, when Ellie disappears in an enchanted book, Liam doesn’t hesitate to rescue her.

Landing in the winter wonderland of Alaska, Liam meets magical arctic animals who can talk! They become his guides teaching him about perseverance, empathy, love, and friendship. Liam learns that everyone is strong in their own way, and that you do not have to be the same to be friends.

It’s our unique abilities that make us who we are. Together, Liam and Ellie, discover that though they are different, they both share love and adventure, and ultimately a beautiful friendship.

The story unfolds with thrilling challenges and courageous moments between friends and family. During Liam’s adventure through Alaska he plays different winter sports with various animals.

  • Hikes with a wolf
  • Ice skates with a seal
  • Ski’s with a penguin
  • Swims with a whale
  • Plays with polar bears

Discover how love and our uniqueness can create a strong connection. Get ready for a courageous adventure that will warm your heart!

Join Liam and Ellie on their quest, and take part in the beautiful friendship between brother and sister. "Liam and Ellie: A Brother’s Quest to Find his Sister," is a tale that will warm your heart and leave you cheering for the power of love, acceptance, and friendship.