Lie For Me by Ali Parker

Lie for me

Maybe I can borrow this beautiful single mom for one night to get what I need.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

My benefactor is up for donating a large sum of money to my retreat center and he needs a little persuading.

Perhaps a ready-made family is just what the doctor ordered.

Except I’m falling for this woman and her girls.

My single life is falling apart as I try hard to avoid love and fail.

I’ve been running my own private wilderness retreat and I love it.

Just me, nature, and solace.

Until her. Our paths cross as she comes to the retreat center for a company getaway.

My mind spins a million webs and my body percolates at the possibilities.

She’s the one. I can feel it. But I need this to be more of a business transaction than a love affair.

I’m hoping I can lie to myself about what’s happening with my heart.

At least long enough for her to help me get financing for my company.

All I need is for her to lie for me.