The Lies I Told Him by Vanessa Garbin

The lies I told him

Gripping fiction full of suspense and unexpected twists

One night, Daphne’s teenage son Gabriel returns early from a house party, completely distraught. He refuses to let his mother know what’s wrong and becomes very reclusive.

But Daphne’s son is not her only concern. Far from it. Her husband is acting oddly. And she is getting messages from an ex-partner she’d very much rather forget.

Her family life seems to be unravelling at the seams, so when Gabriel’s classmate Leo gets in touch and promises to help her son, she has hopes she can address at least one problem.

But things aren’t quite as they appear. Add online shaming, flaming, and cyberbullying to the mix and Daphne’s life looks like it’s heading for catastrophe…

THE LIES I TOLD HIM is the second thriller by Australian writer Vanessa Garbin. Her debut title WHAT WE DID LAST NIGHT has shot up the charts since release, and this second book will delight and astonish her fans and new readers worldwide.