Pants on Fire by Nick Weatherhogg

The Book of Lies

Book Cover: Pants on Fire by Nick Weatherhogg
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‘I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.’ So said Al Pacino, and I am certain most of us could agree. Nick Weatherhogg looks at all things untruthful – from the lies of history (the fiddle wasn’t invented when Rome burned down ... and Nero was nowhere near Rome at the time) to the more contemporary lies. The lies we tell our children (watching television gives you square eyes) to the lies they learn at school (i before e except ... for the literally thousands of cases when it is not). Lies of Presidents, of sportsmen, in films, of job applicants. There is a lie here for every occasion. Go on, be honest with yourself – you want to read this! ‘The funniest book ever’ (Prince Harry). ‘Book of the year’ (The Times). ... are just two of the lies that could be in ‘Pants on Fire’.  Lies through the ages, famous lies, lies we all tell (‘I’m losing the signal’); they’re all in here and more! Read and enjoy.