The Little Death by Sarah Till

(Sarah Till's STRONG WOMEN Series Book 1)

The little death
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When Patti moves to the moor she finds the peaceful haven she expected awash with people visiting an old plane wreck. She suspects her husband David is having an affair and when mysterious stranger Gabriel turns up her life becomes increasingly entangled with him and the moor.

Patti is an aetiologist. She is studying the pollination of the moor and keeps hives but is distracted by the dark shape of the wreckage in the distance. Her psychic neighbour Sarah is obsessed with la petite mort and when Patti confides her fears about David she advises her to look to Gabriel for comfort. Through him Patti meets Polly, an old woman who she has been wandering the moor searching for her childhood sweetheart who died in the plane crash. As Patti finds out more about David’s infidelity she realises that his actions are much more sinister that she could ever imagine. Is it too late for Gabriel and Patti? And will Polly find the answer to her questions in time?

In a frank study of love, life and death, the story follows Patti, Sarah and Polly’s hidden secrets and how they understand their worlds. The moor is teeming with life, but death is in the air as David reveals his true colours in an unexpected twist.

The Little Death is the first book in Sarah Till’s Strong Women Series.

If you like intriguing women’s fiction with an unexpected twist you will love The Little Death.

Get The Little Death now and find out how Patti and Polly become part of the cycle of the moor that took their love.