Living From Eternity by Kurt daSilva

Live Out Heaven's Reality As You Walk The Earth

Living from eternity
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“A prophetic Christian experience shared by a writer with a sense of confidence and clarity that overcomes the reader with waves of truth." — Reedsy Review

“The Christian lifestyle was defined by Jesus, exemplified in His earthly life — He was the very epitome and display of Heaven on Earth!” — Anon

A parallel world exists, waiting to reveal itself in the world we know. A glorious world saturated with everything we need and dream about. An unseen yet tangible reality of glory and wonder from which dreams and revelations materialize — this world is Heaven.

Kurt discovered this alternate reality as he was spending time with God. One experience led to another, and another, until he found himself frequenting this Heavenly world daily. The scriptures came alive as he navigated the realms and dimensions of the Spirit.

Through loads of his own personal experiences and testimonies, Kurt shares his journey of how it all began, how he came to visit the Father’s Throne Room and the garden in His Heart. He describes his first encounter with Jesus during his visit to the Father’s garden, where everything changed for him.

He begins by taking us through the process of how his belief system evolved over the course two decades, and how revelations of Father God drew him deeper into a life of intimacy and freedom — one that Father God desires we all enjoy.

This book is loaded with deep insights into God’s original plan and purpose, His intention in making Man to begin with, and our true makeup in light of the scriptures.

Living From Eternity simplifies and brings clarity on perplexities like:

  • Why does God not intervene in my life when He should? (God’s Sovereignty and Man’s dominion)
  • What is God's plan and purpose for my life? (Predestination & Foreordination)
  • What is the full extent of the Power of the Cross? Why do things not work out automatically? (Man’s Conscience)
  • How do I make my life count? How do I make the most of my Life? (Time & Eternity)
  • What can the Enemy do to me? What role does he play in the World? (Kingdoms of Darkness & Light - Parables explained)
  • How do I make things happen for me? How do I manifest my Victory and Success? (Framing Realities)
  • What does the Bible say about Death and Hades?
  • How can I live Eternal Life now? (The Eternal Realm)

… and much, much more

In addition, Living From Eternity is loaded with spiritual keys and principles that reveal how to consciously elevate our minds to a powerful state of existence — it’s simple and can be easily achieved.

Defeat and live above addictions, abuse, low self-esteem, stress, sickness, depression, poverty, death, grief, suicide and everything destructive that robs us of our God-given freedom.

The keys to overcoming every problem are hidden within our DNA. Learn how you can bring this power to life so they never come back to haunt you.

Discover what living ‘in’ God is like — Discover what Living from Eternity is all about.