The Locked Room Mysteries by Sabina Manea

Book Cover: The Locked Room Mysteries by Sabina Manea

Three brilliant whodunits featuring a sassy amateur sleuth.

Meet Lucia Steer. If you’re wrong, she’ll tell you. And this frequently happens to long-suffering police detective DCI David Carliss.

When in Book 1 Lucia gets involved in a murder inquiry, her quick wits and inquisitive nature prove invaluable to the bumbling police team. But woe betide them if they thought they’d seen the last of her. Unable to keep her nose out of a crime scene, she joins the force as a civilian investigator. Can anyone get away with murder now in bohemian north London?

Working alongside David, her ability to solve seemingly impossible crimes makes Lucia indispensable, yet although chalk and cheese, might there also be a romance brewing between the tough cop and thwarty sleuth?

When ex-lawyer, now interior designer, Lucia Steer accepts a job renovating a large London house, she has no idea she’ll discover the owner dead. Lucia is determined to unlock the secret of this closed room mystery, no matter the trouble she’ll inevitably land in.

When a relationship coach is found dead, apparently electrocuted by a coffee maker, civilian investigator Lucia Steer makes short work of a killer’s attempt to hide a murder. But finding out who was so ready to kill in cold blood will take some doing.

When a young woman is found dead in a bathtub, the bottle of booze and sleeping pills point to an all too familiar story. But investigator Lucia Steer is far from convinced. Who from the victim’s literary club is telling porkies, and can the intrepid sleuth identify the killer?

All three of these books are also available in single editions on Kindle and in paperback.

Look out for Book 4 in the series: MURDER IN PRIMROSE HILL, also available now on Kindle and in paperback, and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!