The Lonely Life of a Pornographer’s Wife by J. Carol Johnson

The lonely life of a pornographer's wife

Readers who enjoyed The Godfather and Fifty Shades of Grey will love this story about Carla, whose interior decoration work opened doors to shady designs. In 1973, she met Roy, a wealthy movie theater owner who hired her to refurbish his movie houses. Their partnership led to love and then marriage.

Soon, the boss of a major porno mafia admired her work. Then his wife hired Carla to redecorate their Hollywood mansion, where she befriended other lonely wives. When Roy joined that mob, he became deeply involved in pornography as well as murder. He dragged Carla into that criminal element with himself when greed raised its ugly head.

But after she witnessed an assassination, Carla could no longer question the power of a mob boss's wife. And now Roy's infidelity could cause her to stray. Or would his uproars drive Carla to a mental breakdown first?
Or did Roy just dig her grave?

“This is a spellbinding dance of drama and intrigue set to the music of Mafia and murder, with haunting lyrics by a woman.” (Anon.)