The Longest Spring: Historical wartime fiction by PD Sherrard

The longest spring by PD Sherrard
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March 1916.

No Man’s Land, Northern France.

In darkness and torrential rain, Second Lieutenant Alex Ryan makes a terrible mistake.

To make matters worse, the only witness is the famous war hero, Captain Eden, who convinces Alex that unless they both lie about what happened, Alex will be shot for what he’s done.

Life in the trenches is brutal and death is never far away, but behind the lines, Alex finds solace with Odette, a beautiful farmer's daughter. Eden disapproves and tension between the two officers grows. And there are rumours that Eden might not be the hero that he seems...

When a soldier’s life is threatened, after seeing something that could destroy Eden’s reputation, Alex knows he should intervene. But Eden knows his secret. So a choice must be made. One that will test Alex’s loyalty, his morality, and even his humanity.

Inspired by true events and the stories of 306 British soldiers who were shot for cowardice during the Great War, The Longest Spring is a poignant exploration of how even in the most extreme circumstances, we still love, grieve and seek validation from our peers.

If you loved Birdsong and All Quiet on the Western Front, then you’ll love The Longest Spring.