Lost and Found: Second Chances by Waya Pieper

Lost and found

Life in New York is glamorous--for some. It can be romantic--for some. For Kai Finch, though? Life in New York is, well, Kai doesn't have time to live. He's doing all he can to survive. Homeless, aimless, penniless, Kai is the very definition of having nothing to his name. Nothing except his wits and his guts–the stuff he has to muster each and every day in the big city.

But his wits and guts are exactly what he needed to attract the kindness of a mysterious stranger. Well, those and a little bit of luck. Overnight, Kai's life takes a turn, but getting life back on track takes more than just a single fortunate moment. Lost and Found: Second Chances is the story of how a young man gets another try at life and how far he runs with it. It's a story of determination, self-acceptance, and breaking free from the bonds people make for themselves.