Magnet Fishing by Dylan Norton

A beginner's guide for uncovering amazing sunken treasures with a magnet

Magnet fishing

Throughout time, pirates and explorers ventured into the ocean in search of treasure. Lost valuables are still waiting to be found deep underwater. With this new hobby, now’s your chance to capture your very own sunken treasures.

The way we successfully real in such treasures onto dry land is straightforward. Magnet fishing, as the name suggests, is all about hurling a strong magnet in a body of water and retrieve it to find out what got stuck to it. Anybody can have a blast at this hobby as you don’t need previous skills to find amazing things. Magnet fishing is recently getting more and more popular as people keep uncovering incredible items. The treasures people have managed to uncover range from:

  • Firearms
  • WW2 helmets, ammo, weapons, and other relics
  • Tools
  • Safes filled with valuables
  • Knives

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Many more incredible items are yet to be retrieved and now's never been a better time for you to grab a magnet and go find them. But this can only be done if you know where and how to search for them. Different types of magnets exist and learning how to properly use them is crucial. Incorrect use can lead to your magnet getting stuck underwater and unfortunately stay there. The tips shown in this book will help you overcome that and make every trip a good one. This book also provides pictures illustrating certain techniques and knots to help the reader understand and follow along easily. With years of experience packed in one book, you too can become an expert in no time.