From Maid to Duchess: A Fairytale Retelling by Regina James

From Maid to Duchess by Regina James

Lady Evelyn’s life changed when her mother died and her step-mother Lady Cecilia entered her life. Still everything became worse when her father died leaving them in poverty. Her wicked step-mother decided to use Evelyn as a servant in their household. Evelyn was resigned to her fate and was just happy that she at least had her step-sister Lady Jane in her life. Until she met the Duke of Langley and spoke to him in the shadows.

The Duke of Langley, Julien had no desire to remarry after his first wife jumped to her death from the balcony of their home. However, after losing the third governess for his children, his mother convinced him that finding himself a mother for his twins would be better…More permanent. Set out to find such a woman to act in the sole capacity of mother and nothing more, Julien found the perfect woman. Only she was a servant, way beneath him for marriage. And there was another huge problem— he had feelings for her. He did not want feelings in the equation.

Against the machinations of one wicked step-mother and an unfeeling mother; with expectations of marriage without love, would this maid be the next Duchess of Langley?