Making Money for Teens by Pheonix Read

Making money for teens

Are you a teenager who has been wondering how all those other young people have been making big bucks?

You probably even have looked for answers from your parents, guardians, and teachers about how to start making money at your age.

You now have the solution in your possession. And if you are a parent reading this part of the book, you should get this book for your teenagers immediately. Phoenix Read, like never before, expressed his passion for family wealth by providing multiple solutions on how teenagers can start making money right away.

This book does not belong on the bookshelf; instead, it’s a daily guide to how teenagers and even pre-teens can start making tons of money by taking charge of their finances from this moment. Here’s a sneak peek of what you will find in this Teens Guide to Personal Finance;

  • Do you know with the right attitude and mindset, nothing can stop you from being a millionaire? You will learn how relevant this tool is to you as a young person and how to master it.
  • You will read about teenagers and younger people like you, how they made their money and how you can do better.
  • Do you know how to start multiplying that little allowance you have? This book will show you how to turn tiny drops of dollars into large sums within a short time.
  • You will learn several secrets the rich did not want you to know.
  • This book will show you how you can start making money even before you finish reading the book. You have more than 40 choices to choose from all in the book, and you can start right away.
  • You will learn how to monetize your skills and talents.
  • Have you been struggling with keeping track of your spendings? There’s a fun way to it, and you will learn it in this book.
  • This book will show you common mistakes you have been making about money and how they prevent you from being rich.
  • You will learn how to identify wastages and start making better decisions to build your wealth.
  • Come and learn how to correct all the lies you have been told, like “it's too early to start making money.”
  • You will even learn how to start investing in the stock market and cryptos right away.

This is the type of book that keeps you on your toes, it causes you to act now, it helps reshape your approach to personal finance, and ultimately, it’s a practical guide and not some storybook loaded with financial jargon. One thing is sure; your finances will experience a positive boost after reading and following the guides in this book.