Fifty-one percent by Tony Garrod

Book Cover: Fifty-one percent by Tony Garrod

A fascinating look at mediumship, psychics, a spiritualist college, a spiritualist circle, scientific theories, the paranormal and more.

Throughout my life I’ve had many psychic, paranormal and spiritual encounters. When thinking about the spiritual world, some people like to think of spirits and some prefer to call spirits ghosts. If you prefer to call them ghosts, then ghost hunters can only dream of experiences such as mine and I am now ready to openly share some of these with my readers!
I have seen and spoken to ghosts and received messages to pass on. Up until now, I have not shared my experiences with anyone but, now I reveal them to you in my book. Read about my experiences including how one mischievous ghost wasn’t seen again after I shouted at him for behaving so stupidly and how a devious ghost tricked me and almost took my life! I also reveal some of the psychic messages I’ve received and passed on to people that have quite literally saved their lives!
If you think that all sounds bonkers, can you imagine how you would feel if these things had happened to you? I had to find a way to try to make sense of it all. I attended a spiritualist college and a circle and I also looked to the scientific world for answers. Read about my experiences and discovery that proven scientific theories and facts can seem just as crazy as paranormal and psychic phenomena. Dive in and join me on my sensational journey!