The Memoirs of the Mistreated by Jamie R Walker

The Caged Butterfly

The memoirs of the untreated by Jamie R Walkers
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Emotional trauma and physical suffering can be the norm for many people in this world.

This story has been written to portray the life of a woman born into unfortunate circumstances and her battle to escape constant pain and heartache.

Within these pages there is no milk and honey, nor sunshine and daisies.

The sadness and hurt that is expressed is to help those who may also be suffering silently realize they should never be ashamed of their past, their present and most importantly the beautiful person that they are.

I hope this novel will inspire readers to not only strive to be their best, but to never let their adverse circumstances define their future.

Even if you choose not to read this book, I wish you good luck on your journey to a life of fulfillment and happiness.