The Small Book of Million Dollar Golf Tips by Jasmin Cull

Golf tips by Jasmin Cull

Have you ever wanted to crush your drives with effortless power…?

Hit your fairways and greens with masterful precision…?

Wanted to play a summer of golf without having to worry about your back?

And get there in 20% of the time it takes everyone else?

Every golfer wants to know the critical secrets to bombing drive and dropping strokes from their game almost overnight.

But most golfers are looking in the wrong places.

That’s where The Small Book of Million Dollar Golf Tips comes in.

Inside you’ll discover the 20% of golf instruction that gives you 80% of the results.

Can you imagine?

A week from now your fade has completely disappeared, you’re absolutely fearless on the links, and you’re going after every shot like you have magical powers.

But it's not magic at all.

Instead, it's a combination of scientific phenomena that gets you better, faster.

Former professional volleyball player and full time construction worker turned pro golfer, Jasmin Cull takes you through 54 amazing golf secrets helped him go from a complete newbie to professional golfer in just 3 years… starting at the age of 38.

And can change your golf almost overnight.

Unlike most professional golfers who start the game at a young age, Cull didn’t have the luxury (or the money) to play full time or get the coaching most younger players do. Instead, he had to find a way to get good and get good fast.

After overcoming the same mistakes everyone makes at first - hooking and slicing, three putting, being consistent one day and throwing it all to the wind the next - he figured out a different way.

That’s where the idea for The Small Book of Million Dollar Golf Tips was born.

Inside you’ll discover the little known, yet critical golf tips almost no one will tell you about.

Like the “Random Practice” theory.

Ever heard of it? Most people haven't.

It can help you improve your game twice as fast as everyone else, harnessing a unique phenomenon in how our brain works..

Or the “Lifesaving Back Pain Cheat” that allows you to take a full swing even if your back is tweaked or it’s so tight you haven’t taken a full swing in years.

And the “No Lesson Needed” self assessment trick to diagnose and fix your swing no matter how crazy it’s acting on the course.

You’ll also discover:

  • How to break 90 and lower your scores without changing your grip, hitting the ball further, or messing with your rotation
  • Cull's “2 foot rule” to hit more greens in regulation
  • How to eliminate three putts for good even if you’re in your head, your swing is out of whack and you haven’t been playing well
  • How to make even your worst chip shot end up closer to the pin
  • The Tiger Woods “Master’s Method” to making the best short puts of your life
  • Cull’s “Belt Buckle Strategy” to crush straight drives off the tee
  • How to cure the yips! (You’ll never believe how simple this is)
  • Jason Day’s “5 step solution” to nail every hole even if it’s raining and the wind is adding three clubs to every swing
  • And so much more.

If you like simple, straightforward information you can implement in the next five minutes, you will absolutely love this book.

It takes the BS out of why you’re slicing it, struggling to make contact with the golf ball, or leaving the course so frustrated you want to throw your golf clubs in the lake and end it all.

Even better, you can take these tips with you to the course as a simple reference. Pull them out anytime you're struggling.

And start playing the best golf of your life as soon as tomorrow.