Milo – ANGEL OF DEATH: Thriller by M. E. Fiend

Milo - ANGEL OF DEATH Thriller by M. E. Fiend
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'Milo – Angel of Death' takes readers along the fast-paced, enthralling story side by side with great characters. A book like a great Hollywood thriller – action-packed, brutal, sexy and yet profound.

A German business consultant saves the life of a mysterious woman called Milo in San Francisco. She's an ex-member of the Yakuza. He's falling for her with the first kiss.
To escape the demons of his father that haunt him he abandons his former life.
Obsessed with Milo he follows her and endures her hard training methods.
They become involved with members of the Yakuza, accepting a mission that leads them to Tokyo, where they stumble into an operation that threatens to open Pandora's box and unleash chaos onto the world …

'Milo – Angel of Death' is based on a true story. With this book I'm not just writing down our experiences of the past few years but also hope to find the lost 'brother' who means everything to me.' – M.E. Fiend