Miserable Existence by Daniel Trump

Miserable existence

Satan and God fight over the souls of the students at Old Liberty Middle School. Everett Cunningham is a mighty prophet who must confront Satan and God and survive - and also finish middle school. He is overweight, bisexual, and stands behind his friends Lee and James. Lee loves Natalie desperately but isn’t able to communicate that effectively, and disastrous consequences ensue. James won’t budge on morality, doing the right thing no matter how painful or unpopular. After a school shooting Everett starts to hear voices and is convinced that he talks to God. Axel, a charming, lovable bully, agrees to work for Satan, who possesses people around the school seemingly at random. In this 30,000 word novella God and Satan fight over the souls of these people - and they choose which side they believe in.