Monster Crap by AJ Wolski

Monster Crap by AJ Wolski

Illustrations by Vo NhA

Beware of this hysterical and stinky adventure in The Monster Crap!" In the silly little town where pumpkins glow, and Halloween parties come alive, a wild gathering of teenage monsters is in full swing. A full moon shines bright on this Halloween night as the monsters feast on too many treats.

As the night progresses, trouble brews in their tummies. One by one, the monsters suffer from upset stomachs, wicked gas, and literal monster craps! Join the adventure! The story takes us on a wild ride of giggles and gasps, exploring the downside of overindulging in too many sweets.

From a teen vampire making a "graveyard dash" to Big Foot's "ity bity" surprise, and the werewolf's "furry" mishap, each iconic scary character faces its own monster crap with unique and smelly outcomes. Even the wicked witch and the mummy join the chaos with funny and unforgettable experiences.

• It motivates children to be mindful about eating responsibly.
• This humorous tale is an ideal group-reading book for any setting.
• An unforgettable gift for kids aged six and up who like to giggle and enjoy goofy stories.

The Monster Crap is an amusing and captivating story that will have children and adults laughing out loud while learning an important lesson about moderation. Complete with comical illustrations that bring the monsters and their mishaps to life. This book is a perfect addition to any Halloween-themed reading list. So, buckle up for a spooky, silly, and stinky ride, and discover how these teenage monsters navigate the consequences of too many sugary treats!