Monster: The Story Of A Maniac by Peter Cry



“MONSTER — The Story of a Maniac.” has received over 90% positive and rave reviews from critics and readers.

Meet Jason, an attractive young Iowa farmer. He is 33 and loves his farm and the house he lives in. It is located far from the eyes of strangers, hidden by the endless cornfields and a dense forest grove. Livestock are a source of special pride and pleasure for Jason... Even though there are no domesticated animals on the farm, he keeps cattle there, but of a very special sort. For Jason is by no means what he pretends to be.

Just a few days ago, America was shocked by news that after the murder of a school bus driver, five children — pupils from that same school, were brutally abducted. The police, the FBI, all emergency government agencies are looking for the missing children, promising huge sums of money for any information that will help find them and the culprits.

The young victims are held captive on the farm of a real maniac, the cold-blooded and calculating psychopath Jason. For this true monster in human form, defenseless children are a source of both pleasure and profit.

This human abomination has no sense that he is doing something wrong, not only criminal, but grotesquely cruel, and is certain he will never be caught. Living at night in a perverse world called “The Deep Web”, far from busy cities, he is convinced that he can continue to enjoy and get away with his devilish business.

One day, however, while getting supplies from the local town, as the result of a silly misunderstanding, Jason finds himself being chased by the cops. He is convinced they are onto him. He ends up in a terrible accident and barely survives.

Enter Alfred, a young, handsome policeman, with a strange if tragic past, who has built up a record of catching pedophiles. The case of the five abducted schoolchildren has still not been solved. It has become the most difficult one in the history of the FBI, and it recruits Alfred to help it.

Will Alfred, the mysterious cop with his abilities to sniff out pedophiles, be able to solve this case and find the creepy monster and bring him to justice. Will Alfred succeed in unmasking and defeating Jason?