Morgan’s Journey by Molly Johnston

Morgans journey by Molly Johnston

Being the new kid is never easy…

Morgan Jones has just moved to Kent Cove with her family. Moves are always tough but she tries to see it as a new adventure. Hopefully she’ll have no trouble fitting in with the other girls in her neighborhood.

The bullying and harassment start right away, turning Morgan’s life into a nightmare. Even the girl Morgan thinks is the nicest acts mean to her. How can she stop the bullying when she did nothing wrong to begin with?

Morgan’s mother gives her some faith-based advice and urges her not to fight back against bullies. But Morgan doesn’t see any alternative or any happy ending in sight.

However, she knows she can’t give up. This is her new home and she is determined to make friends and find a peaceful solution to her problem. To do that, maybe she just needs to understand the bully more.

Morgan’s Journey is the perfect book for kids dealing with bullies or trying to fit in. It’s a mother daughter book that will warm you with its happy home life portrayal as well as Morgan’s personal growth as she learns to overcome her problems.